Boston Protesters to Inmates at South Bay Prison: “We See You!”

Last night, amid the profound sense of hopelessness felt by many across the nation, there was an unexpectedly beautiful and heartwarming scene. In a show of true genuine solidarity with this country’s many oppressed, 1,400 protesters in Boston, Massachusetts who were participating in a march of solidarity with the community of Ferguson made a stop directly in front of South Bay Prison Facility with a message for the incarcerated: We haven’t forgotten you! You’re not invisible to us.


Some inmates have written “Mike Brown” on the barred windows.

— Eric Ethington (@EricEthington) November 26, 2014

Wow. As Boston #Ferguson protest takes the interstate near Southbay Prison, prisoners join in.

— Eli Feghali (@efeghali) November 26, 2014

Crowd chants “WE SEE YOU” to Black inmates in Back Bay jail.

— Eric Ethington (@EricEthington) November 26, 2014

Boston rally for Mike Brown is stopping at the South Bay prison. — Travis West (@WestOfTravis) November 26, 2014

The demonstrators began their march from Dudley Square to the South Bay House of “Corrections” and from there to Massachusetts Avenue Connection, but were ultimately prevented from effectively blocking off the bridge as they intended to by police. The cops arrested 47 peaceful demonstrators overnight and at least one, David Meredith, was badly beaten. According to Meredith,

“I was struck in the face by the police. They put me in a headlock and dragged me out of the protest group and they hit me in the face, they threw me on the ground… The police were being very confrontational. They seemed very angry the entire time.”

He also reported witnessing a police officer choking another man. According to Meredith, the officer was angry because the man had been recording the cops with a video camera.

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  1. Caleb, you have shown yourself to be a valuable asset to those who struggle. Thank-you.
    I lived in a Roxbury project when I was a little kid, not far from Dudley Station. Although I’d seen one of the photos, the entire package of posts you put together just made me cry.
    I don’t know. Just – thank-you.

    1. Well thank you very much my dear friend. I did not take these myself of course, I just put them together from Twitter accounts of people who were there. So I can’t take too much credit you know. But it truly warmed my heart to see these demonstrators and marchers against police brutality and racism showing solidarity with the victims of this morally bankrupt system who haven’t died, the millions of people who fill up this nation’s cells as part of the massive Prison Industrial Complex. And to chant, “We see you!” made it all the more special.

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