America FAILS again

With the announcement there will be no indictment of the murderous pig thug Darren Wilson for the slaying of unarmed teenager Michael Brown dead in cold blood, the United States “criminal justice” system proves it’s so inherently wicked it will have to be immediately eradicated and replaced. Millions of people fill up America’s massively large prison houses for the most petty, nonviolent offenses. Yet the racist police forces of Amerikkka, the ground troops of white supremacy, can harass, molest, violate and murder to their heart’s content and be granted complete immunity. Let it be known for anyone who still has doubts, there will be no justice in the United States of Capitalism and Imperialism. The system is a corrupt oligarchy which exists to serve and protect solely the interests of the richest 1% of people in order to control each and every aspect of the lives of Black and Brown citizens – keeping them impoverished, incarcerated and in a state of permanent oppression. Revolution is the one and only answer. The American system of “justice” cannot and will not bring justice because it exists for the purpose of holding up an unjust system. They leave us no choice. Revolution. Revolution. Revolution. It’s time for a new system which places all communities on the same level, one that values all lives and jails killer cops. Both the prison industrial complex and the military industrial complex must be smashed. It’s time for the international community to step up and offer whatever assistance it can to help the internal victims of U.S. imperialism resist the fascist lynching state of Amerikkka, to step in and hold it accountable. The U.S. does not respect any other nation’s sovereignty and constantly involves itself in the affairs of other countries. It’s time for them to do the same.



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  1. Yep. No question that it’s time to end capitalism. Yet they have so many of us brainwashed that it’s easier to contemplate the extinction of the human race than the end of capitalism.

    1. You know, maybe I’m way overly optimistic but I feel like the destructive path that capitalism has set the world on cannot last forever and ever. Eventually the masses will realize after everybody is poor with nothing while the aristocracy on Wall Street has everything that they have been duped. I really hope. Hope is the only thing left for the universe I’m afraid.

  2. I like this….so true —> “Revolution is the one and only answer. The American system of “justice” cannot and will not bring justice because it exists for the purpose of holding up an unjust system.”

  3. Was there ever any real doubt that that pig would get indicted? Seriously? Darren Wilson was still walking free for a reason. It was an in our face way of telling us what some people had the audacity to chew their fingernails down to the quick wondering over. I wasn’t one of those biting my fingernails. I knew better. It’s business as usual in this sick, twisted ass shithole!

    Thanks for posting this Caleb! Regardless of the fact that I knew the outcome, I’m still spitting bricks!

    1. Oh indeed. There never was any doubt this was the outcome. But it still manages to infuriate everytime all the same. And the way that lying scumbag McCollugh so disingenuously said “police don’t kill with impunity”, and then the journalists afterward throw him a bunch of softball questions. The fix was of course in from the very first night. Bob McCullogh I’m sure is at home sucking Darren Wilson’s dick right now.

      It all makes you just have to admire the original Black Panther Party of way back when so much for realizing it’s not enough to just call for “civil rights”; for systematic change there has to be revolution, a new system not based on capitalism and that doesn’t sustain itself with imperialism.

      1. You are right! A revolution IS needed. We’re hearing about how terrible it is for the protestors to burn buildings. No, it’s not terrible. They should burn them if only for what they represent. Those people who are working at those businesses are not even ‘earning’ enough to keep a roof over their head, food in their belly and health insurance. Who are they kidding when they say that the protestors are harming their credibility by burning shit up? Black people don’t have any credibility. That’s why the cops always gun us down and get away with it!

        So, we’re supposed to sit back and allow the same system that is systematically taking us out, to hand us some justice? Like the justice that was just handed down by THIS grand jury? Yeah right! I’m going to continue sit down and wait and wait. NOT!

        Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others tried the ‘peaceful’ way and look where we are now!

        1. Yes Yes Yes! I’m appalled at how people can expect a community that is being subjected to an all-out war on them in every way possible – through mass incarceration, economic repression and exploitation, educational segregation, and extrajudicial killings at the hands of the police – to either sit back and do nothing or to “follow the laws and rely on the system” the same system that is making their lives a living hell. The truth is that when a people are being crushed by a system that is meant to crush them, then those who condemn their right to rebellion and to resist by any means they can are accomplices to fascism.

          You know, growing up I always would hear people wondering how in the world the German people could ever allow their country to become the world’s first Nazi regime. But now I see that Americans aren’t really so very different. They’ve been sitting by for decades making excuses while the fascist police forces at all levels systematically brutalizes and imprisons those who dissent (and even those who don’t). America is today’s #1 butcher of humanity, and unlike Nazi Germany it’s been around for far longer than 12 years!

    1. I honestly don’t know how all these ppl go on TV calling for “calm”. What is there to be calm about?? We have an entire system based on a foundation of injustice.

        1. I’m not sure it’s ever had too much of a moral compass in my book just to be completely honest. It begins of course with genocide of the indigenous, enslavement of Africans, system of mass incarceration, Vietnam, Iraq, repression of Leftists in the 1950s, etc. For me personally there’s never really been a time when America wasn’t systematically engaged in some of the worst atrocities on earth sad to say.

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