How Two Bullies Used Their Wealth and Privilege to Bully a Reporter Into Silence

Please read this excellent piece written by a fellow blogger exposing the corporate media and learn for yourself how far they will go to tarnish the names of whistle-blowers.

Eléctrica in the Desert

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NOTE:  I have added extensively to this post, written two years ago, before I was aware of Harvey Silverglate’s involvement in a Kansas First Amendment legal case that destroyed my life.
Please pardon the poor formatting. WordPress has me flummoxed, and I can only ask readers for their patience and thank them for  their perseverance.
When a very famous journalist uses a murder trial to illuminate the systemic racism that is its context, does he have a right to omit his knowledge of a hotly contested issue because a famous lawyer has asked  him to do so – and because ” it’s not the story” he’s writing?  The career and reputation of a hopelessly outgunned, multiple award-winning  small-time reporter  have been destroyed: and both she and Calvin Trillin are well aware of his singular power to restore her good name with one sentence…

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4 thoughts

    1. If it makes you feel any better Claire, usually posts that I “re-blog” for some reason rarely receive any comments. Maybe it’s because they click on the “read more” button over to your own blog.

      1. Thanks Caleb.
        I’d have shut up by now if I’d been able to find that paralell universe where ONLY media employers won’t hire people who lie about their former bosses to the Associated Press. (I didn’t+proved it). Or employers who dont know how to google. Or where people have a few work histories at once, and can just leave the life that was destroyed off their resumes and submit another life to employers.Or where people tell the truth to someone they dont believe who continues to insist that her story has a national significance years after her approach has been working against her. Or where bloggers dont follow the leaders like wildebeasts, disappearing along with those who betrayed their word to her – with no discussion, no mutual political critique, no process. Or where a whole crowd of regular visitors won’t disappear at once, and people she care about dont stop comments.
        That place where political bloggers dont isolate those already isolated by the state – by duplicating the punishment!
        How dare I expect such treatment? So demanding and angry – for THREE YEARS of the FIVE I’ve been waiting.I mean no wonder people are tired of hearing me.
        Oh, I forgot. This is America. The real reason I’m a welfare bum is because I’m lazy and I have a free ride. That reminds me – I have to go pick up my new Cadillac and load up on imported French cheeses, truffles and caviar – food stamp day!
        PS This isn’t directed to you. I grab political space wherever I can.

        1. “French cheeses, truffles and caviar”… But Claire, it isn’t America without your daily dose of “Freedom fries”! lol Or in this case “Freedom cheese”

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