White St. Louis Rams Fans Attack and Spit at Black Women Protesters, But Guess Who the Police Decide To Arrest?

Over the weekend, Tonja Bulley and her young daughter Brandy were peacefully gathered outside a St. Louis stadium in which the Rams faced off against the Seattle Seahawks. But a number of white people who’d shown up to attend the game didn’t take too kindly to these women practicing their alleged constitutional right to free speech and assembly. The mother and daughter were simply calling for justice for Mike Brown, who was heartlessly gunned down by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. As Ms. Bulley later commented, “We were peacefully protesting. We were saying something that this big, tall White man did not like.”

Tonja was taken aback when this large white man actually approached her daughter and “hog-spit” in her face.

“He just hog-spit at my baby… He took everything out of him and spit in my daughter’s face. She is a minor. That’s the absolute worst thing you can do, when you spit on another human being. She was just saying, ‘No justice, no peace’ and he hog-spit (at) and then smacked my baby. At that time — there was no more being peaceful.”

When Tonja retaliated in defense of her daughter and her dignity, others joined in and attacked the two women, violently knocking them both to the ground. Police soon arrived on the scene and immediately arrested the Black female protesters without question. They even at first charged Tonja Bulley with two felonies for defending herself and her daughter, while none of the white males who took part in the assault on them were even arrested.

Local corporate media outlets were very selective in the way they reported the story, publishing only an image of Tonja fighting back in defense of her daughter while neglecting to publish the image that showed the white man assaulting Brandy. This speaks volumes to how much media figures really care about women, namely Black women, assaulted by men. It seems the only time they are worthy of concern is when the assailant happens to be a Black male. As EBONY accurately reports,

“…at a time when the NFL has had its most heightened awareness of domestic violence against women, large White men can spit on and punch Black women in the face outside of a football game without consequence or retribution, and the only ones arrested are women of color. When the only times sports media seems interested in violence against women is when it comes at the hands of Black men, women lives become reduced to props in favor of an all too familiar narrative aimed at criminalizing men of color. Does the NFL or ESPN really love Janay Palmer? Or do they just love hating Ray Rice more?

The lack of police will to arrest any violent White male fans mirrors the recent muted coverage of Oscar Pistorius’s murder conviction, ESPN’s famous two-day omission of Ben Roethlisberger’s sexual assault charge, and a still barely-known story of baseball player Brian Giles, who smacked his fiancée on video years before Ray Rice.”


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12 thoughts

    1. Yes indeed. I think it is probably the biggest driver of war today. The West is driving itself mad at the thought that China could become a global superpower. I’ve also been seeing some disturbing scenes coming out of Greece it seems. The extreme austerity measures it seems is fueling such hatred and scapegoating of minorities there.

      1. Yes that is a problem indeed! But we’ve also had quite a lot of cases of police murders and police brutality against POC especially blacks in Germany:
        but also in France:
        Europe is being hypocrite about it and criticizing the US, meanwhile the same Sh*t is happening here also but politicians and the media are looking away. Looking away is benefiting extreme right and openly racist groups in Europe.

        1. Thank you so much for offering a perspective as a Black person in Europe, as it is a perspective not often given ample time to be heard. The global system of white supremacy is apparently still breathing in the continent this evil right wing ideology was birthed. I was very ill informed about the plight of German Black people before coming across your blog a few months ago. The situation in the UK seems to be one of extreme repression as well.

          1. Your welcome! And thanks a lot for your support. We are glad that you are giving us a better understanding of the imperialist policies of the US and the treatment of its minorities. In order to overcome this worldwide system of oppression we must show solidarity internationally. You’ll be glad to hear that we are currently working on a translation of our most important posts into English so we can reach a more international readership. In the meantime this video of the ongoing NSU-trial (a racist terrorist group) might interest you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNTZPs9-6dw&app=desktop

            1. Thank you very much for sharing the video. It’s very interesting to me as I have not been aware of the NSU previously. What a shame that it was the victims’ families who came under such severe scrutiny for so many years and not the perpetrators of the crimes! I’m super excited that you will be having the english translations up soon. I’ve been having to use google translate for the most part but this will be even more convenient.

        2. And also the situation for African migrants who’ve traveled to Europe should shame Europe, because it was the European nations who signed on with the U.S. as part of NATO to destroy African countries for Europe and America’s benefit. Then they dare mistreat immigrants for trying to improve their way of living after the imperialists wrecked their homes. Germany, Britain, France, America, Italy etc. should be forced to recompensate all the harm they’ve done if Justice is to ever be served.

          1. Yes thats very true. Reparations should be made. And Europe has a particular responsibility towards african refugees because it has for hundred of years (during colonial times) and is still, exploited, used and abused africas peoples and resources. It is funny how they forget their collective guilt but still praise them selfs for “great empires and conquests” hundreds of years ago. Germany is also the third largest exporter of weapons. You reap what you so. Europe sows weapons and reaps refugees, thats the way the world works.

            1. This reminds me so much of the American national myths that are repeated so often, always talking about how “we” fought to be independent of the British, but when it comes to the genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the enslavement of African people, Americans disassociate themselves from that saying “I wasn’t around at that time”. Or insisting that somehow “we” rescued Europe from fascism in WWII, but disassociating when it comes to the horrible lynchings and segregation that was being practiced in the states at the time.

  1. Proliferation of events like this make it extremely hard for the political elite to claim the US is a post racial society. Clearly it’s not. Racism, both the unconscious and institutional kind and the ignorant, belligerent Neanderthal red neck kind, is alive and well.

    1. Exactly, and I love the way you put it – “the institutional kind” and the “Neanderthal redneck kind”. Here’s one thing both the so-called “intellectual racist” and the traditional backwoods hillbilly racist have in common however: Both of them repeatedly claim, “I’m not a racist!” “I’m colorblind.”

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