Why American Police Departments Are More Of A Threat Than ISIS [VIDEOS]

While the shills in the corporate media try to convince us with their propaganda that ISIS is the most imminent threat to America’s security and necessitates us spending another $10 billion by year‘s end to “wipe them out” with bombs, many Americans are a lot more fearful of a threat much closer to home – a threat which terrorizes them and the ones they love just about everyday. I speak not of some foreign jihadi bogey-man whom we are told should be arriving any day now to chop off all our heads. No, I speak about the police officers who make up the police departments in every region of this country.

Now you’re probably saying, “You must be out of your mind. Cops are more dangerous than ISIS, or al-Qaeda, or [insert whatever Islamist group name the media wants us to be terrified of this week]?! That just can’t be!” But it is the indisputable truth. Americans are a whopping 29 times more likely to die at the hands of a police officer than they are of a terrorist attack. It’s impossible to say for certain how many people are killed by cops each year, but the best estimate is anywhere from 600-1,000. Contrast that with the 30 police officers who were killed in 2013.

Below I’ve collected some of the many instances of police brutality which have taken place so far in 2014. What you witness here are the symptoms of a nation filled with rampant hatred and racism increasingly bordering on fascism. Organized resistance is essential to push back against this.

Levar Jones was pulled over for an alleged seat belt violation last month by an officer of the South Carolina Highway Patrol Department named Sean Groubert. The officer saw Jones at a community gas station, and when he got out of his patrol car he told Jones he wanted him to to get his ID. When Jones began to politely comply with the officer Groubert’s request, Groubert starts shooting at Jones recklessly, shouting at him to “get down!”

For Levar Jones, officer Sean Groubert proved to be much more of a threat to his life than ISIS ever could.

Calling all members of the so-called pro-Life community, where is your outrage when police officers slam pregnant women violently to the ground, causing them and possibly even their fetuses to feel pain? In the case of Sandra Amezquita, officers viciously beat her womb with their baton sticks, as evidenced in the clip below:


DillonTaylorVideo captured from Utah Officer Bron Cruz’s lapel camera shows the precise moment he shot and killed 20 year-old Dillon Taylor, and not surprisingly nothing happened the way the Police Department described it. Nobody at the scene carried a gun, aside from the police officer. What’s more, the pig cop approached Taylor from behind, barking out senseless orders which Taylor couldn’t hear anyway because he was wearing his earplugs. That’s when Cruz decided he would just go ahead and assassinate the young man, instead of doing what any sane person would’ve done – which is to not go around shooting people at the gas station for sport.

If you expected this video would change anything in the mind of the corrupt system’s hand-selected jury, you’d be sorely mistaken. There was no indictment.

Remember those “constitutional rights” you’re supposed to be in possession of as an American citizen? Remember that whole 4th amendment that was added supposedly in order to protect you from the absolute tyranny of the police? Well forget it. These are just worthless words on a piece of paper as far as most cops are concerned. On September 29 a police officer in Hammond, Illinois pulled over a young family as they were driving to a Chicago hospital where the driver’s mother was on her death bed. Although the stop was said to be just a “routine traffic stop”, such routine stops are becoming more and more likely to end in tragedy these days. After asking the driver to show her identification, to which she complied, several cops aggressively began demanding that the passenger show them his I.D. as well. There was absolutely no need for them to ask for the man’s I.D., which he did not have with him at the moment anyway. As Mint Press News reported,

passengers of vehicles should not be expected to carry identification at all times.  The idea of police being able to ask any person for identification without any reason is a tenant of fascism, which is becoming more and more prevalent in America by the day.

Likely the cops wanted to get his information so they could put his name in their huge database. When the man informed them he did not have an I.D. with him, the cops became very vicious and demanded the passenger exit the vehicle, though they would not say for what purpose. What happened next is so terrifying it would probably make ISIS shake their heads in disbelief.

After this brutal assault on a family, one that will leave two young children traumatized for life, the cops charged their victim with resisting arrest and arrested him! Arrest for what?! The only answer is that he is a Black man in America riding in a car with his Black family whilst refusing to be subservient to piggish white police officers.

It may be 2014, but police officers are still every bit as virulently racist and full of hatred for Black men. This is so even in the case of Black men who’ve served for years in the U.S. military, allegedly to defend “rights and liberties” which their country tragically doesn’t extend to them.

Have a look at the tools who are employed to work in the Orlando Police Department, and see what they do to handcuffed citizens who are on their own private property:

Afterwards the cops, as always, lie to cover their tracks.

A sixteen year-old Brooklyn teenager named Kahreem Tribble was attacked by police officers who approached him from behind as he was walking alone on a sidewalk at night last week. They threw him mercilessly to the ground before pistol-whipping him, all the while he had thrown his hands up in surrender:


Police in Ferguson and St. Louis continue to believe peaceful assembly and protest are crimes of the first order that require them to harass and arrest the very citizens who pay their ridiculous salaries. And why not? We don’t have a federal government that feels any particular need to hold them accountable.

The methods police are using to try and silence or crush the people of Ferguson’s will to resist are being ratcheted up every day. Now they arrest people simply because they stand on a sidewalk and voice their dissatisfaction with the immunity Darren Wilson and other police thugs like him are continually granted. The latest group to be arrested were placed behind bars, made to wear orange jumpsuits for hours upon hours, and had their bail set at the outrageously high amount of $2,700 a person! This is all part of a scheme by authorities to intimidate, criminalize, humiliate and ultimately crush the spirits of the young people of Ferguson.

Meanwhile Shaun King has uncovered some disturbing new truths regarding the shooting of Mike Brown, such as the fact that Brown was not 35 feet away from officer Wilson when he was gunned down; he was about 100 ft. away from him!

Equally disturbing is the prospect that the U.S. military may already be secretly carrying out drills in preparation for what they believe will be an angry response by people in Ferguson, because authorities believe the grand jury will not indict local town pig Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown.

The murder of John Crawford III, who was carrying a toy gun inside of an Ohio Wal-Mart, was caught on film for the world to see. There can be no reasonable defense for these murderer police officers. Not only was the toy gun Crawford was carrying SOLD IN THE STORE he was murdered in, but Ohio is an “open carry” state. If he were white, the worst that might have happened to him as far as police are concerned is he may have been asked to show his Identification or a gun permit. Since he was not, he was gunned down ruthlessly by a bunch of police officers who can only be described as filthy swine.

In spite of what you’ve just seen, the officers will NOT be indicted. This was the decision made by members of the undemocratic “grand jury” who obviously don’t give a damn about the two young children, an infant of 4 months and 1 year-old son, who will never be able to know the love their father had for them.

Police are also thieves who are apparently allowed to loot billions of dollars in cash and seize other “forfeitures” such as homes and cars. As John Oliver points out in the clip below, since 9/11 cops have stolen or ‘seized’ at least $2.1 billion in assets from people who’ve never even been charged with a crime, citing “civil forfeiture” laws.


Aiyana Stanley-Jones’s heartbroken parents hold up a picture of their 7 year-old daughter whose life was taken by police in Detroit.

In other terrible news, the cop who murdered 7 year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones in Detroit will still not be facing any felony charges, dealing yet another blow to the young girl’s family in their four-year long struggle for justice. Officer Joseph Weekly fired his gun into Aiyana Jones’s head in 2010 as he recklessly raided her family’s apartment building. He was being followed by a camera crew who were in fact filming these raids as part of some reality TV program. Officer Weekly told a ridiculous story to cover his tracks, saying that the young girl’s grandmother grabbed the officer’s gun, causing him to shoot Aiyana by accident. The physical evidence said otherwise, as the grandmother’s fingerprints were not located anywhere on the gun.


And last but not least, we have the man in St. Paul, Minnesota who was sitting on a public bench waiting to pick up his kids from school, but was harassed, tased and arrested by cops for the unwritten crime of Sitting While Black:

Shit is ridiculous.

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16 thoughts

  1. Just so disgusting Caleb. I just dont get the right to bear arms shit over there but maybe you have good reasons. Just heard today our youth justice prison system in the NT Aus is 100% Aboriginal and hey they’re blaming the parents!…brilliant post Caleb and geezus enough is enough

    1. Yep. It’s the typical “blame the victim” mentality where every roadblock is thrown out to keep oppressed groups from ever being able to move ahead and then blaming them by saying, “you’re not as well off as me because you just don’t work as hard as me.” God How I’d love to be able to do what the global capitalists hate most: get ahold of all their wealth and redistribute it to all those they’ve kept from having any of it!

      1. Still struggling to work out why so many agree with that philosophy ‘hard work got me here’ I’d like to put them down one of those old Bolivian tin mines for work experience while you sort out the wealth redistribution!

  2. All this strikes me as a classic sleight of hand shell game – the magician distracts your attention while he secretly moves the pea. We’re all so busy focusing on Ukraine, ISIS, ebola – it will be something else next week – that we don’t recognize the systematic erosion of our rights and freedoms.

    1. Indeed, it seems the 9/11 attacks have served the purpose of completely scaring the shit out of Americans so much that they live in constant fear of crises far away from our borders (which are usually caused by American foreign policy itself) while the means to stifle all internal dissent are built up and the prison economy is the only part of the economy expanding.

  3. All this misuse of the law and their badge, people are going to start lighting a fire underneath them. It’s just a matter of time before you can be this wildly outside of anything people identify with and respect before something happens. It will get to the point when no one will be partnering with them on investigations, and they will be met with inappropriate force when trying to do their jobs. This is going to be the result of their handy work, guaranteed (over time).

    1. Well when the so-called “law enforcement” officers are a law unto themselves working to repress the people, I feel they shouldn’t be surprised when they have no respect or cooperation. The cops have made this into “us vs. them”. It’s what they wanted so that’s how they’re going to have to play from now on. Sucks that we all have to pay these police officers’ salaries and pensions!

  4. Reblogged this on Blackbutterfly7 and commented:
    Thanks for this article. The uncivilized and criminal actions of law enforcement upon the citizens of America cause all cops to be profiled as terrorists who the government has given authority to terrorize and murder citizens without consequences. The bad cops impugn the integrity of the profession. Why do they want to be cops anyway, and why do they want to be cops in communities where they do not reside? That in itself questions their motivation.

  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There’s s very high risk in “living while black” ….. the least to say is that this is very disturbing!! Who is the police choosing as their officers? One wonders …. SMH!!

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