Cop in Ferguson Caught Admitting Woman was Shot in the Head, is Quickly Silenced by Fellow Officers

An unnamed officer on Tuesday night in Ferguson, Missouri, in what appears to have been a rather unguarded moment, briefly made mention of a woman who’d been shot in the head and admitted to a hospital. But before he could say too much, he was quickly put into check by his fellow police officers who hushed him and covered his mouth. The woman in question, as it later turned out, was none other than Maya Aaten-White, a graduate of Howard University who was in town covering the protests which have arisen in response to the brutal police slaying of 18 year-old Michael Brown.

Initially after Aaten-White was hospitalized, police released a statement claiming that “four to five black males apparently carried out the shooting” as part of a “drive-by” attack. Apparently this video was taken before the St. Louis police were able to concoct a story of a supposed “drive-by shooting” and relay the message to all of the department’s units.

*Shout-out to Xena of BlackButterfly7 for exposing me to this incident.

4 thoughts

  1. The pigs are out of control. What in hell are the people supposed to do when those that are “allegedly” charged to ‘serve and protect’ are the ones people need protection from? This is outrageous.

    1. It’s truly astounding! And where are all the people who always scream so loud against “government tyranny” when really real government tyranny is right now playing out in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri?!

        1. Hell I wish that could happen. They can’t even get Israel to be held accountable for their war crimes let alone the United States…
          But here is some interesting news that I have not as of yet seen reported elsewhere. Ron Davis, the father of slain teen Jordan Davis, actually has plans to take the issue of the flawed U.S. criminal justice system before the Geneva Conventions! Check this out:

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