The Jury is NOT Out: climate change is indeed a man-made disaster

Scientists are not being ambiguous when they say that Climate Change (or “global warming” if you will) is being caused by man. That the current crisis is indeed a man-made disaster is the general consensus among up to 97% of the scientific community, as opposed to a mere 3% who dispute it. If it hadn’t been made into such a political issue, the scientific consensus on Climate Change would’ve been enough to shut off further debate.

5 thoughts

  1. And we have people fighting to empower companies which are and will contribute to further destruction of the earth and its atmosphere, arguing, that we are being safer than ever. Smh.

    Great repost. Going to follow him..

      1. Yeah that leaves me stumped. How do you even respond, it’s like, are you alive? *Checks pulse.*

        But on a more serious note, that ignorance is dangerous.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad I came across this post too. There are so many ppl who take pride in their ignorance and insist that Climate Change is not only not man-made, but that it is not even happening! Lol

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