San Francisco Police Beat a Man for Riding Bike on Sidewalk

Re-blogged from Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner: Hip Hop and Politics:

“Last Friday the eyes of the world were on San Francisco, California when thousands of people came together to transform the City by the Bay into Gotham City, home to the Caped Crusader Batman. On this particular day San Francisco was playing host to another hero 5 year leukemia patient Miles Scott who donned a suit and played Batkid. The Chief of police for SFPD Greg Suhr and Mayor Ed Lee pulled out all the stops to help the Make a Wish Foundation grant Scott his wish to enact a number of scenarios ranging from saving a damsel in distress to stopping bank robbery. He helped Batman take on his arch nemeses like the Penguin….. Among those in attendance was 21-year-old ‘DJ’ Paris Williams, a well-mannered, popular 21-year-old SF City College student and avid bicyclist.

He left the event elated along with everyone and rode his bike back home which was several blocks away at the Valencia Gardens Apartment. As DJ rode up to his door as he has done hundreds of times, he was approached by two undercover officers. They took issue with DJ riding his bike on the sidewalk The only problem was the apartment complex is private property and not are residents allowed to ride their bikes within the complex, they frequently do..”

Read the rest of this article at Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner: Hip Hop and Politics.

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