Armed With A Toy Rifle, Killed By Real Bullets

For those of you who have been paying attention to these kinds of stories, it’s pretty obvious by now that not a week goes by that another innocent isn’t sniped out by some cop. This week it was Andy Lopez Cruz of Santa Rose, California whom police officers fired a total of eight rounds of bullets at, hitting him with seven.

Zero Tolerance For Silence

It’s Wednesday and time to discuss something other than yet another Obamacare-is-gonna-kill-your- mama story or whatever stupid thing Kanye West said when he woke up.

Something that happens far too often.

SANTA ROSA, California (Reuters) –No more than 10 seconds elapsed from the time sheriff’s deputies spotted a 13-year-old California boy carrying what they thought was an assault rifle and the moment they shot him dead, only to learn afterward the gun was a plastic replica, police said on Thursday.

It took 16 seconds more for the two officers to call for medical assistance, according to the time line of events released by police investigating Tuesday’s shooting in Santa Rosa, a suburb in northern California’s wine country.

Andy Lopez Cruz, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, had been on his way to a friend’s house clutching the imitation gun designed to shoot plastic pellets, police said. He died at…

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