The State of Hip Hop: The Voice

In 2013 America, many people tend to interpret the musical art-form Hip-Hop as a popular form of spoken-word (Rap) delivered over funky beats that glorifies material wealth and includes a certain amount of sexual grandstanding. However, this image is little more than a recent corporate concoction. Hip-Hop in its purest form has always been a powerful, revolutionary art form born from the Black Revolutionary Spirit of 1960’s and 1970’s America and has since acted as a truly international revolutionary platform. A fellow blogger explores all this and more in his series The State of Hip-Hop. Check it out!

The Angriest Black Man in America


In this blog series, I endeavor to document the evolution of Hip Hop and discuss what those changes signify about American culture and Black culture. Hip Hop music is (and always has been) so much more than just music. Let’s talk about

In a previous post in this series, The Struggle Ain’t New, I explored how the commercialization of Hip Hop music has lost it’s greatest power: the voice. In this post I want to explain why the voice of Hip Hop is so important.
The Foundation

At that time, Black people were not so far removed from their forefathers and mothers who were denied and discouraged from learning to read. And the direct descendants of those illiterate former slaves were pushed to read and read well. They were encouraged to become educated and take advantage of those previously coveted freedoms. Therefore, being literate was important and literacy…

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18 thoughts

    1. I didn’t find any typos, and if there were they didn’t jump out to me because I was paying too much attention to what you actually wrote. When I’m writing in comments sections I don’t care much about grammar and spelling and all that on my own part. The only time I trip over that is if I’m writing and article and I reread it once or twice to try and catch mistakes I might have made lol. But it’s inevitable that some always manage to still me in the final product.

        1. I know what u mean. I often don’t even plan on taking a hiatus, it’s like you try and try to get something done but one thing after another gets in the way and before u know it whatever you were writing about isn’t even current anymore lol. I hope everything is going well with you.

          1. Thanks so much, it is. But don’t believe everything you think, we’ll decide what’s relevant or not (your readers)/ You just keep at what you’ve been called to write. Finish. 🙂

            1. Hell yea. And I just wanna be clear that in my last comment when I said “you” I really meant llke ppl in general. Myself in particular. I wasn’t addressing it to you even though I said “you” so I hope u don’t think I was saying something to diss you! Lol. When I reread it it sounds wrong. I hope it didn’t come out the wrong way, But I sure will have to finish! I have a lot in the works to type up, including one about the JFK assassination and another about the Nat Turner Rebellion. How’s is your day going btw?

              1. LOLOL. It did sound wrong, but then I thought he’s probably referring to a challenge he has. We all get bent outta shape around things not going right from time to time. But writers always get back on the hose sometime. So then I related to it like, well if he is there I want him to come outta that place.

                Cuz you’re a great writer plus really, really, intelligent with a powerful grasp of things. So it’s not good for the talented folk (you) to remain in frustration too long. O_o

                But thanks for catching that then having the integrity to put it out there, I swear this is part of what makes you so great Caleb. But I can’t wait to read both of those entries, b/c I know they will be indepth and illuminating!

                Me? C…going through al kinds of changes. But that has a way of straightening up my priorities on a lot of counts.

                Especially my writing aims and plans.

                Sometimes we have to organize in order to get to those unfinished projects…done. But today was an interesting day, I started the organization process. Really started it.

                Thanks for asking!

              2. Thank you so much for your compliments! And I’m glad u get what I actually meant. Lol

                And when u say you’re going through a lot of changes, do you mean for the better or just not sure yet?

              3. You are so welcome. 🙂 Lol. Glad ya got that.

                Well changes that are threatening to make me quick the whole filmmaking/writing effort, in exchange for anther desperate measure which will make certain I am eating, paying rent, bills, etc., But my whole life has been desperate measures to keep my head above the fray. Can’t go get the barely there, shit job just to maintain anymore. I have nothing b/c I’ve been doing that to survive all my life.

                So I had decided I’d go hard at the film stuff just expose the works and try to REALLY get it out there.

                Then a close friend of mine basically told me to get real it was never going to happen, trying to sober me up by offering more realistic career choices, my mom got hospitalized, and my computer (films/screenplays in process) crashed. Then I got stuck in another state helping out the other parent (partially incapacitated). So this has been a wake up call, like ‘You have one last chance to SET IT OFF (when you get back to NY). Otherwise, you lose…’

                So I know when I get back to NY, the shaky supporters, shaky lifestyle, paused efforts have to get some muscle, cuz if I am gonna do this, things cannot stay as is. Each will wok against progress.

                That’s what I meant by changes, ahas that woke me the hell up while I’ve been out of commission (three weeks +).

              4. Woah! And I thought I was busy! I can see you’ve had a very hectic couple of weeks, and I can understand on one hand what you’re friend is saying, but on the other hand – as someone with a dream myself – I cannot ever advise you to give up on what you really want to do and what you love and just “get real”. After all, that’s something that people who don’t fulfill their dreams usually say. I’m rooting for you, and you’re young. But I am of course not in your shoes so I cannot say what I would do in your situation. If it weren’t for the economic strain it would be such a less stressful world and there would be time for more of us to pursue our dreams, but I’m rooting for you and I hope you keep pushing on and pursuing what it is that makes YOU happy in life.

              5. Caleb, I really want you to visit my next post. It will be on private, but I’m going to use the password on the previous post (laid out in it). Then, after about a month I will edit the password off, b/c when you do this work, collaborators seek out your work, and some of what I will say is the mechanics of the fireworks. In order for people to partake with power I don’t believe they need to know every cranny. Haha.

                But I can see what she is saying from her perspective and from the perspective of that walk. But assuming anything you see for a person is right for them, without listening to the whys and actually digesting that is a form of not listening. Cuz I see filmmaking (for myself) like a warrior’s path, part activism, part Shamanism, in that there are going to be some topics I will approach we as a society I skipping around and I want to present it in a way where it contacts people’s hearts. So possibly different narratives start to bubble up.

                I may not be the first to introduce certain ideas but to some audience’s if I continue on, I may.

                And I’ve already done the gazillon and one different jobs, my soul is violently opposed to continually choosing work from desperation though I desperately angle to get on the path to my passion.

                I don’t believe in doing the same thing over and over if it’s not working. Plus I know what I am capable of and I just need to grind and figure it out. You know?

                Going into nursing cuz I will be safe from the fire, is not ‘my’ call, though I do think it’s a great solution.

                Then again, I think people who go into that level of healthcare should people be responding to a deep respect for the work. Less is less, and dangerous for patients, eventually.

                I’m not that young, but I am also realizing I could not have gone for this in my younger years. I was kind of stupid, every thing was focused on pining for a few knuckleheads. Ha. Whatever.

                So thank-you for the rooting, it really means alot. Moving forward in this for means not going back to the professional doghouse, though it is the ‘picture,’ from afar of ‘stability.’ 🙂

              6. That’s the spirit! It sounds like you’ve got the fire to go all in on this next project!! Is the private post up yet friend?

                And I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here and responded. Forgive me. I got sick with a terrible virus last week and let me just say.. it wasn’t pretty. So I haven’t been on the blog like I should have. I’ve missed so much!

              7. Hahaha. It is. Check my blog.

                Nah, no worries. You got sick?? How are you feeling now? Ugh, I can only imagine!

                Did you have to take time off work?

                Aww, don’t worry about it. Those people who follow you for the right reasons will remain connected, sick or not. And you can always click to their older posts, right? 🙂

                Hope you’re feeling better!

              8. Hell yea. That’s why the good old archive button is so handy (-: And yes, I was sick and had to call in for 2 days of work (and was off the day after that so it worked out alright in the end.)

              9. Wow. You must have been really sick! You always go to work. Well glad you’re feeling better Caleb.

                Hahaha. Yep, that ‘archive,’ button!

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