BREAKING: George Zimmerman involved in a domestic incident with a gun.

Let’s see. This man has a history of assaulting a people (including a police officer) and was acquitted after gunning down a defenseless unarmed teenager. Since that time he’s been pulled over for speeding while in possession of a firearm, once in Texas and once in Florida, and now he’s threatening his wife with- what else? – a gun! Had Trayvon Martin been guilty of any of the above offenses, he’d likely be awaiting execution on Florida’s death row.


From this picture obtained in August by TMZ, it’s appears George Zimmerman is obviously on very friendly terms with the owners of the Kel-Tec gun firearms manufacturing plant in   Cocoa, Florida.


George-and-Shellie-Zimmerman-jpgABC News: George Zimmerman’s wife has called police to her father’s house, saying the former neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted of murder threatened her with a gun.

Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell says Shellie Zimmerman called police shortly after 2 p.m. Monday.

Bracknell says Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested and officers are at the house trying to determine what happened.

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  1. Since this is still getting sorted out I’m withholding judgement. His wife obviously has an axe to grind. You’d think we’d have learned from the Trevon case that rushing to judgement doesn’t always favor the innocent. Here, we have no idea who that might be.

    1. Well, our assessment of the evidence in the Trayvon case is different. Zimmerman was never able to provide any evidence as to why he felt it was okay for him to stalk Trayvon Martin even after the operator on-line told him not to. The fact that he brought a gun with him even after he was instructed not to follow the young man he’d just described as a “young punk” (who he’d never seen before in his life) shows he followed him with intent to do harm.

  2. I’m not surprised by any of this, I knew we would start seeing….all….of….this. It’s just sad that so many were simply not willing to look. He’s going to end up killing someone, getting himself killed or he will commit suicide. Watch.

          1. ….”too invincible” and/or “full of himself” is about to be challenged big time, and because of his own arrogant action. This mind set will not handle it well.


              1. Lolol. Oh gosh I had to go and write that out on the net!!! Nooo. Lol. Anyway that’s cool. Are you all enjoying storms where you are too? Getting off early is the best. I remember that! 🙂

              2. Yeah, it was here yesterday too. But then today, it got weird. Yeah we’re having rainfall too. Sun Rays…well it’s time to pull out the sprinkler and run through. All of us still have our inner kid in there lolol. Even if we got bigger! Lol.

              3. Lol. I was trying to make you feel better (you notice I didn’t say pool)!!! Sprinklers… lol.

                Anyway, that’s alright pools are too high maintenance ANYWAY. But I feel you, yesterday was sick and I am not in Texas.

              4. OMG. Noooo. Well then you better enjoy the rain why you have it!!!! Okay, I don’t mean this to sound wrong but I love cajun food. What’s your favorite food Caleb, are you a foodie?

                Anyway, you gotta find a way to cool off. It’s supposed to be getting cooler, but I’m not sure what’s goin’ on.

              5. Hmmm… That’s a really good question. I’m not a real big food person. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can def eat. But I don’t even really have a favorite food lmao.

              6. Well that’s good. Better that way, cuz as we get older we can’t eat it all….

                Like I don’t eat shrimp (crawfish) except for a treat, every once in a while. The cholesterol….

      1. I wonder if Zimmerman’s actions since his aquittal are prompting Florida to take a good hard look at the wording of their laws and their criteria for sentencing. I recall one juror saying they wanted to find him guilty of something but the way things were set out for them they couldn’t.

        1. Yes, she did say that. But I was always of the belief even before he was acquitted that the courts would have let him off anywhere in these United States of Amerikkka. I still believe that to be the case. I think it’s much bigger than simply a Florida problem.

  3. I defended Zimmerman’s actions considering he allegedly was having his head pouned on a cement walkway. However, considering his activities since that incident I’m finding my defense misguided!

    1. Indeed. It makes you wonder if, assuming his head really was pounded into the ground, it was actually Trayvon Martin who was defending himself from Zimmerman instead of the other way around!

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