Time-out for a Much Needed Laugh: “Hip-hip Hooray for Ex-gays! Hip-hip Hooray for Ex-gays!” [VIDEO]

Here on U.S. Hypocrisy, we’re so used to discussing and sharing important information which deals with contemporary societal issues that we think it’s only fair for us from time-to-time to take time out of our busy schedule, sit back and have a good laugh at the expense of some our fellow Americans. For example, just yesterday the much-hyped (in hard right-wing circles that is) “thousand-man” protest of so-called “ex-gay” individuals took place right in front of the United States Supreme Court, only to be greeted with very little fanfare. Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but love for the sad misguided souls who make up the so-called “ex-gay” movement (if you can even call it that). It’s painfully obvious that Christopher Doyle and the other 8 or 9 people (literally, that was all that showed up) who appeared at the rally are dealing with some really serious psychological issues. But let me just say from one gay to another (or in this case 9 or 10 others), you’re all still gay as fuck guys! (-; From the moment this self-proclaimed “ex-queer” Chuck Peters stepped up to the mic, it was nothing but pure comedy from then on out. Check out this clip from the rally below and try not to laugh too hysterically:

Chuck Peters: “Hetero-phobic gay activists will stop at nothing to attack ex-gays. They are anti-diversity and are anti-pro-choice. Why can’t I choose whom I love?! I am an ex-gay, and out and proud. I am so grateful that I did not listen to the bigoted gay activists and instead listened to real science and my own inner truth; that is that I am ex-gay. My name is Chuck Peters and I’m an ex-queer and proud ex-gay. We are ex-queers and we’re not going anywhere, so get used to us. Hip-hip hooray for ex-gays! Hip-hip hooray for ex-gays! Hip-hip hooray for ex-gays!” 

10 thoughts

    1. Exactly. I mean, I have no doubt the guy in the video has experienced bigotry and hate before, but not from some imaginary “heterophobic” community. The true bigotry he’s faced and still faces is from homophobic people, prejudices against him for being attracted to persons of the same gender have caused him to spend his entire life trying to be something he is not. So he is taking out his frustration on people that are free enough to be themselves, because he is envious that he is forever trapped in the closet.

      1. I think, at the end of the day, he should just live life as a gay person. It will obviously be very difficult due to homophobia, but it must be even worse to want so badly to believe he’s “cured,” when he must know deep down inside that there is no way to stop being attracted to the same sex. People do come out. It’s hard but it can be done.

        1. True that, or if it’s too hard for him to accept then he could at least lay off bashing those who aren’t afraid to be themselves Cus he just making a fool of himself lol

  1. Who is he talking to? Um…what?

    Okay you’ve found some other path for yourself, do your thing. But how all of a sudden do gay activists become bigoted?

    If he is saying people attack them, so they are standing their ground, um, no. No gay person I know has ex-gay activists on their radar of attack.

    He needs to sit the hell down.

    (OMG look at who sponsored it! Lol.)

    1. Exactly! I have never ever heard of the “ex-gay” community (if you could even call it that at all) get viciously attacked. They always get either sympathy from some, reactions of disbelief by most people, or are given a platform by some in the evangelical communities. None of that makes someone “hetero-phobic” Lmao

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