History Revealed: George Zimmerman’s Racist Past Allegedly Found Online

While I haven’t had time to finish writing up my own response to the tragically all too predictable acquittal of George Zimmerman by a nearly all-white jury in the slaying of Trayvon Martin, new evidence emerging from Zimmerman’s “Myspace” account of days long past shows just how heartlessly he treated “Mexicans” and other racial minorities. These alleged records also include what could prove to be even more startling admissions from America’s most famous pretend-cop, such as comments in which he alluded to having evaded the criminal justice system by way of letting others take the hit for him, serving jail-time in his place. The Box Houston has the story:

97.9 The Box

George Zimmerman‘s defense team tried desperately to convince both a Florida court and the court of public opinion that the acquitted 29-year-old neighborhood watchman accused in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin is not a racist.

But, if the walls of social media could talk from days long past, they might reveal the rants of a racist with a self-loating for people within his own racial community and a man who has gotten off for crime in the past.

Eight years ago, long before the days of Facebook’s popularity or the existence of Twitter, Instagram and Vine, there was Myspace. And like many people, George Zimmerman was a member of the social networking site. And like so many of us, the then 21-year-old had a habit of putting a lot of nonsense on his account.

Shocking: Find Out What Zimmerman Says About Hispanics Below!

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On Zimmerman’s…

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9 thoughts

  1. Seriously, who’s surprised? The only people who resist this info are people hell bent on following a narrative that continually frames us as monsters, making violence or any harmful reaction justifiable.

    But people don’t outrun their personal histories. I’ve lived long enough to know that. He may have gotten off legally, but his life will be a hell. No matter how many times he is recreated as some hero.

    Many Americans will not let this die (and that’s blacks and whites).

    1. This man and the whole system are disgraceful. I think this is THE case of our time or it’s certainly shaping up to be that way, the spark to ignite the fire of a Movement for radical change in a society that still functions on an unequal basis.

      1. You’re 1000% right, starting with the justice system. It needs an overhaul big time. But some of these issues must be dealt with socially, by writers, politicians, artists, and people will find their way. I do have faith in the little ones Caleb, the new generation is going to be different.

        But I want to make sure the world is also survivable for them.

        And, nice to see you up here again too (even though you’ve been around but I was missing it). 🙂

        1. Thanks! I’d loved to be able to post a lot more often. I have a lot of things written but with work I don’t get much time to type it all out and polish it up before posting. lol

          1. Ahhhh. Yeah I hear you. Plus when you get home, of course you wanna unwind. Can’t just be…

            [Caleb walks in door.]

            [Jumps on the internet.]



            1. LMAO. Well, I tend to reply to comments and do everything else simply by accessing the internet on my iPhone but when it comes to typing and writing, the telephone is a nonstarter for me! lol. Too many typos and distractions from texts and auto-word corrections.. well, you get the idea! lol

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