So-called “ghetto bus tours” become a European tourist attraction?! (SHOCKING NEWS OF INJUSTICE)

USHypocrisy’s take: is reporting about a new “tourist attraction” for white Europeans who wish to come and see what a “real ghetto” looks like. At $45 a pop, these largely white visitors can come and view New York’s most impoverished area as they sit comfortably and amuse themselves at the expense of those who weren’t so fortunate as to be born with a silver spoon. Once again we have an “exhibition” of sorts, one of people struggling every day to make ends meet, that makes a butt-load of money by exploiting the lives of poor people, especially poor Black and Hispanic people. Those who live in the Bronx communities, of course, aren’t making a dime for being basically put on display without their knowledge or consent. This case is disturbingly reminiscent of racist European colonialism. It’s a scene right out of 19th century Europe, although at times such as this we must wonder if there is much difference between 19th century Europe and 21st century United States of America!

7 thoughts

    1. Good idea. I didn’t even know that’s where u stayed. So u found their web site? I bet they advertise it as “touring historic sites” or something like that, right?

      1. Unh huh, that’s what they change the wording to – and let me tell you I live in a neighborhood full of families with alot of development and CRIME is DOWN from when I lived up here with a boyfriend once upon a time. But noooo, that would be too tame for this exploitive company.

        Who wants to hear the good news? 😦

        1. I think the sad truth is these people HOPE there is a crime so they can get sit back with their popcorn on their air-conditioned bus and watch.

          1. I unfortunately agree. The things people want to believe about others for their own comfort and entertainment. Smh.

            And…I am not at all saying there isn’t crime in the Bronx. There is crime…everywhere. But…the Bronx in 2013 is not even the Bronx of the 90s. It’s gotten safer in leaps and bounds. It’s noticeable to the naked eye, why these tours are so offensive. What a yucky business concept huh? :-[

            1. Of course when have FACTS and listening to people who actually LIVE THERE ever gotten in the way of these people believing whatever they want to believe.. smh

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