Skinhead Police Officer Mercilessly Tasers 8 Month Pregnant Woman to the Ground in Illinois [VIDEO]

In what must have been one of the most horrendous displays of police brutality within the past few months, police officers in front of Best Buy parking lot in Springfield, Illinois forced an 8-month pregnant African American female passenger out of a vehicle and mercilessly shocked her with a taser at incredibly close range. In the video below, officers are heard ordering this pregnant woman to “Hurry up!” and get out of the car, which is an odd thing to order of someone carrying a child in her womb. Understandably, she responds that “No, ain’t no ‘hurrying up'” before a skin-headed cop approaches her and shocks her with a taser until she falls to the ground, all the while concerned citizens shout, “She’s pregnant!” So what was so important that the officer was called to the parking lot so that he could hurt this woman and her highly-developed fetus? It turns out it was nothing more than a minor car accident:

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